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Fran6music is a full service shop focusing on music composition/production, music supervision, music editing, and audio post (sound design, mixing).


Francis "Fran6"(IMDB)  realized early on in his career that diversifying his skill set was key in order to successfully pursue his passion. 


While initially focusing on original music composition and production, Francis then landed an in-house position in the music department at Disney Studios supervising and producing the music for animated feature films. Being able to combine his business and creative/technical skills, he was involved in all aspects of creating and producing orchestral scores, original songs, and licensing commercial recordings. From budgeting, to creative interfacing with hired composers and songwriters, to music editing, to overseeing orchestra (up to 90 players) recording sessions, Francis spent four years using both left and right brain to get the job done.


After leaving Disney, he transitioned into the advertising space working with brands such as Blue Buffalo music supervising and creating original compositions for their commercials. Over the last few years Francis has been at PPC, a theatrical advertising agency, as an in-house audio engineer/music supervisor. He mixes domestic/international broadcast trailers and TV spots for studios such as Paramount, Universal, and Lionsgate.

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